Top 5 Progressive Web App Examples | Magento 2 PWA

Magento has been a well-known eCommerce platform in the world. eCommerce companies that opt for Magento, are able to build & launch their own website. Speaking of mobile apps for Magento 2 stores, a relatively new kind of apps are gaining popularity these days. It’s Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps, abbreviated as PWA.

Unlike regular mobile apps, the Magento 2 PWAs are compatible with multiple devices & can be quickly installed on mobile phones. These shopping apps can be simply added from the mobile browser. No need to publish them on any App stores (Google Play and Apple App store). Many eCommerce businesses are already thriving through their Progressive Web Apps & the customers are loving it too.

Magento 2 PWA Mobile App:

Admin Demo:

PWA App Demo: (Open URL in the mobile browser and Add app to Home Screen)

Netizens can download the PWA when they visit that particular website. They simply have to click the ‘Add To HomeScreen’ button/link being displayed on that PWA active website.

In this article, we have listed down 10 prominent examples of PWA stores. But first, let me first complete the previous phrase that PWAs are not published or available on Google Play Store or Apple App store. Instead, a Progressive Web App, of a particular company, is made live on the website of that particular company.

#1. BookMyShow (Open URL in the mobile browser and Add app to Home Screen)

It is the largest e-booking & ticketing company in India. Its mobile app & mobile website traffic is huge. More than 85% of its transactions have been recorded to be from mobile devices. So, it was crucial for them to keep their mobile experience at par. Upon the introduction of their PWA, BookMyShow’s conversions increased by 80%.

#2. Twitter (Open URL in the mobile browser and Add app to Home Screen)

We all already know what Twitter is by now. More than 80% of Twitter users use their mobile devices to access it. Also, Twitter keeps revamping its platform regularly to keep their website & apps updated with the latest trends.
Twitter launched its Progressive Web App in April 2017. With their PWA in action, Twitter reported a 20% decrease in bounce rate, & 70% lower data consumption as users scroll their timeline.

#3. Lancome: (Open URL in the mobile browser and Add app to Home Screen)

Lancome, a luxury Brand for cosmetics & perfumes, failed to deliver optimal shopping experience to their mobile device users in the mid of the decade (2016) as their mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic. To improve its mobile shopping experience & conversions, Lancome released their PWA Mobile App.

With their PWA, Lancome reported-

  • 17% increase in their conversion rates
  • 53 % increase in mobile sessions on iOS devices

#4. Wego (Open URL in the mobile browser and Add app to Home Screen)

Wego, a travel company, launched an AMP-based PWA i.e. an Accelerated Mobile Page based Progressive Web App. This made their loading speed to be 1 second. Apart from that, they welcomed 26% more visitors.

With their AMP based PWA, Wego also dropped its bounce rate by  20% & increased their conversions by 95% when compared to their previous mobile website.

#5. OLX (Open URL in the mobile browser and Add app to Home Screen)

OLX is the biggest classified ads domain in India. 90% of OLX’s visitors come from their mobile devices. Out of that 90%, half of the visitors use native OLX App (Android/ iOS) & other half use their mobile website. So, they released their PWA with which they reported-

  • 80% decrease in bounce rates
  • 146% higher CTR on ads
  • 250% increase in re-engagement

How to launch your own PWA for Magento 2 Website?

KnowBand offers a completely automatic tool to convert your eCommerce store into Magento 2 Progressive Web App (PWA). All one needs to do is to purchase the extension and rest everything will be handled by the technical team.

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PWAs are a great solution for almost any kind of business that are willing to improve their mobile experience & need to improve their conversions. In fact, building & launching a Magento PWA has even become more convenient & affordable because of the Magento PWA Mobile App Builder extension.

Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and our team will help you out.

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