How Easy Is It To Build Progressive Web App For Magento 2 Store?

It has really become important for online businesses to bring themselves to mobile platforms. For that, mobile apps are a great way to do so. Magento 2 store owners have a major advantage when it comes to building & launching Progressive Web Apps for their eCommerce store. With the use of Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder extension, store owners can automatically build & launch their own Magento 2 Progressive Web App without worrying about coding.

Steps To Build A Progressive Web App For Magento 2 Store:

Step 1: Purchase the Magento 2 PWA extension from KnowBand.
Step 2: Install the extension on your Magento 2 website.
Step 3: Fill the app requirement form & confirm for publishing.

Take a look at some of the unmatched features & functionalities of Magento 2 Progressive Web Application Builder:


1. Multi-lingual & Multi-currency Support:

The Magento 2 PWA extension aims to cater to all kinds of audiences by having multi-currency & multi-lingual support. It is highly useful for businesses who are willing to reach international audiences or to reach local audiences. Even the RTL scripts are supported with Magento 2 Progressive Web App.

2. Live Synchronization:

Real Time Synchronization is provided with Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder module. This keeps the Magento 2 PWA in complete synchronization with the inventory of Magento website. This naturally makes the inventory management automatic for the ease of store owners.

3. Unlimited Push Notifications:

The store owners get to send unlimited number of push notifications to their Magento 2 PWA Mobile App users. Sending both manual & automated push notifications can be configured and customized from the admin panel.

4. All Payment & Shipping Methods:

All sorts of payment and shipping options on the website will be actively work on the Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps as well. The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App requires no sort of additional technical efforts for the payments.

5. Full Customization Control :

As the Magento 2 PWA Builder is a white label solution, the store admin get complete control over their PWA Mobile Apps. They can modify their PWA from the admin panel however they need & there is no coding required. Many admin-friendly customization settings are given on the admin panel for convenience. App icon, app name, background color, etc. can also be added as per business needs.

The store admins can design & edit the homepage of their Magento 2 PWA Mobile App. Various banners, sliders, grid view banners, recently viewed product blocks, & even countdown timer banners can be added & rearranged as per needs.

Apart from the features mentioned above, other features like Offline Accessibility, Social Login & Social Sharing options, One-Page Checkout, Order Tracking, etc. are also provided on the Magento 2 PWA built using this PWA Builder extension.


With just a 3 step process, building & launching is far more convenient than ever. The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder is an amazing extension with powerful features that can take your Magento 2 store to a next level. So give this extension a try & launch your Progressive Web App now.

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