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    Magento 2 Progressive Web App (PWA) Builder

    Launch a Progressive Web App for Magento 2 store & allow mobile users to shop products on the go.

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Core Features

Some potent features of Magento 2 PWA Mobile App
Customizable Home Screen
The home screen of Magento 2 PWA Mobile App is completely customizable from the admin panel. Just a few tweaks in DIY editor and appearance of PWA can be changed anytime.
Quick Installation & Social Login
Easy onboarding on the mobile app with inbuilt Email, Google & Facebook login. The PWA mobile app can be installed on the mobile device with just one-tap.
Real Time Synchronization
With 100% synchronization between website inventory & PWA mobile apps, no sort of manual effort is required. All inventory changes will be automatically reflected on the mobile app.
Unlimited Push Notifications
Market your store deals and products with the help of unlimited push notifications. The store admin gets to configure the push notification and even set for automatic deployment.
All Payment & Shipping Methods
Bring website payment & shipping options on the PWA mobile app. No sort of extra integration or cost required to offer the right payments on the app.
Offline Mode Working
The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App works under no or slow internet connectivity. Users get to access pre-loaded screens.
Admin Panel Control
The store admin gets complete control of PWA mobile app from the backend panel. With flexible configurations, manage the app working in a few mouse clicks.
White Label App
We offer fully white label PWA shopping app for your Magento 2 eCommerce store. Keeping your app logo, name, icon, splash screen, color etc. make it completely branded to your business.

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Quick Look At App Screens

Explore the app screens and check seamless app interface.
  • Home Screen
  • Category Screen
  • Product Sorting
  • Product Filter
  • Product Screen
  • Navigation Menu
  • Login Screen
  • Shopping Cart
  • Shipping Address
  • Checkout Screen
  • Payment Screen
  • Order Details
  • My Account

Check Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Demo

Experience the working and interface of PWA app for Magento 2

Magento 2 Progressive Web App


The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder extension is a powerful extension that automatically builds a white-label PWA for your Magento store. With a user-centric approach & engaging platform, the Magento 2 Progressive Web App provides the e-Merchants with a huge window to target more mobile device users.

For over a decade, KnowBand has been a leading eCommerce extension developer & solution provider throughout the globe. We have developed ‘Progressive Web App builder’ extensions for various eCommerce platforms. We aim to provide the best extensions that are easy-to-operate & offer all the necessary plus latest features. It provides the eCommerce businesses with a competitive edge. We make sure to keep the efforts on our clients’ end to be minimal by providing them with a simplified backend dashboard that helps them customize & manage their Magento 2 PWA.

Three Steps To Launch A Magento 2 PWA:

Step 1: Purchase the Magento 2 PWA extension & install it on your Magento website.

Step 2: Share the required information with us.

Step 3: Review the PWA before making it live.

Why Would Your Business Need Magento 2 Progressive Web App?

Mobile devices are the most common & frequently used everyday gadget by the entire world. This makes mobile devices a very potent platform for eCommerce businesses to target their audiences. Launching a Magento 2 Progressive Web App is a great way to do so.

For eCommerce companies, launching a Progressive Web App gives the store owners an instant tool to boost user engagement, user experience & conversions.

#1. Easy Installation:

The PWA Mobile App for Magento 2 doesn't need to depend on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Whenever netizens visit a PWA active mobile website, they can install that PWA on their mobile device by clicking the ‘Add-To-HomeScreen’ popup. It takes just a second to get added & then the PWA works exactly like any other mobile app.

#2. Simplified Admin Panel:

The Magento 2 PWA app builder contains a powerful yet simplified admin panel for the store admins. Whenever needed, store admins edit, change, redesign anything from the extension's backend & all the saved changes get instantly reflected on their Magento 2 PWA. There is no need for app users to manually install any updates.

#3. Real time synchronization:

The live sync feature keeps the Magento 2 Progressive Web App & the website in full synchronization. All the website inventory changes and additions shows up instantly on the PWA.

#4. Unlimited Push notifications

This Magento 2 PWA module allows the store admins to send an unlimited number of push notifications to their app users. Apart from manual sending the notifications, store admins can also automate the common eCommerce push notifications.

#5. Customizable Home Page:

This Magento 2 PWA maker module gives the store owners with a DIY homepage layout editor on the backend. Admins get to use the available banners, sliders, grids, products, categories & flash sale countdown timer banners, etc. to design the home page layout of their app anytime they wish.

#6. All Payment And Shipment Options:

Without the requirement for any extra integrations, the Magento 2 PWA Mobile app module supports all of the payment and shipment options of your website to be functional on your Magento Progressive Web App as well.

#7. Offline Browsing:

The Magento 2 PWA supports offline browsing. Hence, the app users can access their previously viewed pages even when they are under no internet connectivity.

#8. White Label App:

The Magento 2 PWA extension provides the store owners with complete control on their Magento 2 Progressive Web App. Set the app name, app icon, themes, colors and fonts etc. as per your business domain.

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