Core Benefits Of Multi-Vendor Marketplace in eCommerce World

You might have noticed to buy our everyday necessities, we usually prefer to shop from the store where all the items can be bought. It not only saves time & effort but also provides a variety of products. More choices mean more traffic, more traffic means more sale and more sale means high revenue. Here comes the concept of Marketplace into play. A marketplace is an online platform where a variety of items or brands are served to buyers on a single platform.

Multi-seller marketplace makes the shopping experience more secure and easier for online buyers. A multi-seller marketplace brings multiple vendors or brands on a single platform and thus saves buyers time looking for products in other stores. Keeping in view the traffic, demands of users and store management, we have developed a plugin that can upgrade your online store into a Fully-functional Marketplace like Amazon, Etsy in 3 simple steps.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace developed by Knowband provides both seller and store admin with a separate dashboard to operate and manage the store. Seller is responsible for listing and selling its products whereas the admin takes care of the website development and maintenance part.
Multi-Vendor Marketplace modules available at are:

Prestashop Multi-Seller Marketplace module

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace addon

Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace plugin

Magento 2 Multi-Seller Marketplace extension

Benefits of Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module:

1. Vast Range Of Products:

Multi-Seller Marketplace is host to a variety of sellers who sell a wide range of items. Under one roof, customers can buy various kinds of goods. Sellers are lured by the well-established online setup and a vast range of customers to sell to.

2. Zero Burden Of Inventory:

In an eCommerce Marketplace, each vendor is responsible for managing its store inventory. A store owner needs only to focus on website development and improvements.

3. Fewer Expenses:

Since vendors will be managing their listing and inventories so there is no need to hire extra people for inventory management. Thus lessens the financial burden and time in managing inventories or designing products of store admin.

4. Boost to Business:

A wide range of products served to online customers enhances the chance of conversions. Moreover, store owners can charge commissions on each sale made by the vendor.

5. Improved Customer Experience:

Multiple payment and shipping options available at the Marketplace offers a trouble-free shopping experience to customers. A pleasurable shopping experience enhances the customer return rate.

Wind Up

In addition to the above benefits, many more benefits like an interactive dashboard, vacation mode, membership plan, mobile app compatibility, etc are offered by multi-seller Marketplace plug-in by Knowband. If you are planning to start your marketplace then Knowband’s multi-seller Marketplace addon is the best solution.

Upgrade your store into Marketplace like eBay, Etsy, and enhance the reach of your store using the marketplace mobile app compatible with the multi-vendor Marketplace. Feel free to contact or discuss any doubt at [email protected]

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