Key Advantages of One Page Checkout for eCommerce website

Getting more conversions on an eCommerce store is a universal challenge that every online retailer faces at some point. But because of the high cart abandonment rate, they don’t reach that level. On average, out of 10 customers, 7 visitors leave the website after initiating their purchases but before completing the orders. According to a study, most of the carts get abandoned because of complicated and time-consuming multi-step checkouts. So how do you get rid of it?

With One Page Checkout, you can optimize your checkout process and make it faster and less time-consuming for the customers. If they can complete the checkout process in minimum time, then there are fewer chances of cart abandonment on the checkout page. This can only be achieved by making the process faster and smoother with One Page Checkout.
Knowband offers One Page Checkout addon which replaces the slow-loading and rigid default checkout with a quick, clean, and responsive One Page Checkout. The addon not only simplifies the checkout process but also helps in reducing the abandoned carts and maximizing conversions.

Check out the addon from the below links:

PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon

OpenCart One Page Checkout extension

Magento One Page Checkout extension

Magento 2 One Page Checkout extension

Benefits of One Page Checkout for eCommerce Website:

1. Optimizes Checkout Process:

The addon eliminates the unnecessary checkout steps from the checkout page and displays all the relevant checkout fields on a single page. This way, not only it simplifies the checkout process but it also makes it easy for the customers to fill the required details quickly and complete the orders.

2. Saves Customers’ Time:

With the Single Page Checkout addon, the website’s visitors do not have to load many separate checkout pages to place the order. They can simply complete the whole process from a single page that saves their time and make the process simple. The add-on offers social login options and guest checkout that allows the customers to place their orders without being forced to create a new account.

3. No More Abandoned Carts:

The One Page Supercheckout simplifies and optimizes the checkout page and makes it easier for the customers to quickly complete the purchases. Fewer the pages, the lesser the chances of cart abandonment. The addon helps in reducing the bounce rate and abandoned carts by allowing the customers to checkout hassle-free.

4. Improves Conversion Rate:

The major advantage of the One Step Checkout Addon is it helps in maximizing the conversion rate of your online business. With multi-step checkout, there are high chances that customers will leave the checkout in-between and abandon the cart because of the rigid and time-taking nature. The addon removes all these hurdles and makes the checkout process easier and faster for the customers which eliminate the chances of cart abandonment and maximizes the conversions. The One Page Checkout module is also mobile responsive by which you will be able to capture sales from mobile devices without any hassle.

5. Increases Customer Retention:

The addon provides a better experience to your customers by making their checkout process easier and faster. It provides a clean and attractive UI to the customers and helps them filling the required details comfortably. When your customers buy your products faster and without any hurdles, they leave your site happily. This increases customer satisfaction and retention for your business.


Optimized and Fast Checkout page always results in low abandoned carts and high conversions. With the One Page Checkout extension, you can enhance the checkout experience of your customers and can get more conversions for your business.

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