Build an Impressive Progressive Web App for Magento 2 Store

Developing an eCommerce mobile app is not an easy task nowadays. To develop an eCommerce app, business needs to hire experienced developers at high charges. So, by considering current technology changes in the mind the first important thing that a business can do is to launch a mobile app. The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App builder allows store owners to use the extension and directly integrate the mobile apps to the eCommerce website.

Knowband is the renowned name when it comes to building ready to use mobile apps. The store admin does not need to involve in coding for launching their eCommerce mobile app.  

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How To Get Magento 2 PWA Mobile App?

We have mentioned some key points using which you can easily develop the Progressive Web App for Magento 2:

1) Build An App –

The store admin can fill the information in the pre-requisite form details like app name, logo, splash screen, icon, etc. So, our developer can easily set up & build a PWA Mobile App according to the given requirement.

The store owner can customize the home screen layout of the mobile app according to the eCommerce website and user requirements. Along with that, the Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to create the desired theme design layout. The store admin can also configure other settings in the admin panel to manage the app working & functionalities.

2) Integrate PWA Mobile App with Website –

Our developers will create a full-fledged Progressive Web App for your eCommerce store. The test apps will be shared with you for review and once everything is fine, the same can be made live on the eCommerce store URL itself. The Magento 2 Progressive Web App remains in sync with the eCommerce store and the store inventory will be automatically updated on the app.

3) Publish Progressive Web App –

After integrating Magento 2 PWA Mobile App for the eCommerce store, the store admin can publish the PWA app with his brand name. It requires no dependency on Google Play or the Apple Store. The mobile app users can use the “Add to Home Screen” pop-up to add the app to their mobile device.

Why Build A Magento 2 PWA Mobile App?

There are various reasons to choose Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Maker are its featured benefits. The majority of the store admin are using it because of its user-friendly built-in features and handy configuration tool. It not only enhances the performance of the eCommerce app but also helps in revenue generation.

1) Homepage Customization:

Customizing the shopping app according to the user’s needs is very important. It builds trust and enhances user engagement on the eCommerce mobile app. The store admin only has to perform some changes in the admin panel to design the layout of the shopping app as per user requirements. The store admin can make colors, fonts, banners, and image changes in Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Creator. The store owner can launch the mobile app under its brand name and can add a splash screen, icon, logo, etc. 

2) Reliable, Lightweight, and Engaging:


Engaging customers in your mobile app is very important to increase eCommerce sales. The Magento 2 PWA iOS App Maker makes it easier for the store admin to add the customized banner and sliders to increase user engagement. The store admin can also add featured products in the eCommerce app such as Best Seller, New Arrivals, Special Offers, etc.


The quick loading feature of Magento 2 PWA Mobile App makes the shopping app more reliable for the users. The Magento 2 Progressive Web App can also smoothly run on any device whether its Android or iOS. So, store owners do not have to be concerned about the operating system of the user’s mobile device. 


Customers can feel frustrated if the shopping app is not functioning properly. Bugs or crashes on the applications can end up making users leave the eCommerce mobile app. The Mobile App for Magento 2 PWA is designed in a way that it becomes very much lighter than any other native app. Because of this, users rarely face any problem of crash. It requires very less storage space and provides a seamless shopping experience to users.

3) Easy Login with One-page Checkout:

The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder allows the store admin to enable the social login feature like Google and Facebook. Email sign-up option can also be enabled and users can log in to the app with a single tap. 

The single-page checkout feature of Magento 2 PWA App Builder requires only the necessary information from the user end. The user can order the product with ease and it lowers the cart’s abandonment rate. Users can also track the current status of the previous order in the shopping app itself. 

4) Multi-lingual and Currency Support:

Targeting a worldwide audience is also easy in Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder because it supports all kinds of regional and global languages and currencies. The store admin can also include all the currencies available on the eCommerce website with the support of automatically translated content according to the user requirement. The apps are fully fine with the RTL language scripts.

5) All Payment and Shipping Method Support:

With Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Maker, any active payment and shipping method of the website can be easily fetched on the e-commerce PWA. There is no need for extra integrations or customizations. The PWA app allow user to easily shop in preferred payment and shipping methods. 

6) Offline Mode and Live Synchronization: 

The store admin can also enable the offline mode where users can easily browse the products on the app, even in slow and no internet connection. Magento 2 PWA eCommerce Mobile App fetches the product from the eCommerce website along with the other details. There is no need for manual updates for inventory update because the eCommerce app can also be updated at the run time. 

7) Unlimited Push Notifications:

In Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Maker, store owners can send push notifications to the app user about the current update, offers, orders status, abandoned cart, etc. The notifications can be personalized and scheduled automatically with the requirement of no or very less manual interference.


Knowband offers Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Builder with a complete user- friendly approach and with the aim to ease the mobile app development and management simpler for the store owners. The backend admin panel is very easy to handle and gives access to almost every necessary feature to the PWA App user. Drop us an email at [email protected] to discuss more.

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